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Online Backup

Using as your backup storage keeps them organized and prevents you from storing duplicates. And you can log in from anywhere to show them off. Your photos are kept in their original format and size, unmodified.

Full Quality Photo Uploads

Your photos are stored in their original formats and sizes. Your originals are kept unmodified for backup and restore purposes.

Context Aware Media RSS

Multiple RSS Feeds for integration with third-party software, slideshows, screen savers, digital photo frames and web services.

Camera GPS Support

Photos uploaded are location tagged automatically if they contain GPS information. You define who can see this information in your privacy settings.

Geo/Location Tagging

You can manually tag the places where your photos where taken and have them displayed on a Google Map.

KML Support

Photos with location tags can be exported to applications with KML support, such as Google Earth and Google Maps.

Face/People Tagging

Tag people in your photos in two ways, photo by photo or multiple photos at once. You may let other people tag faces in your photos too.

Advanced Privacy

Define who can see, tag, comment and download your photos by creating restrictions based on contact groups, individual contacts or passwords.

Favorite Photos

Favorite anyone's photos and keep them in a separate searchable tab.


Your friends and family can comment your photos and expono will automatically notify you.

Keyword Tagging

Tag and organize any photo with keywords. Separate Tab for all your personal tags. Search photos within specific tags and more.

Automatic Addressbook

Face tagging people adds them automatically to your addressbook. Find photos of your contacts tagged by you or others.

Import Contacts

You can automatically import your contacts from Plaxo, Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Outlook Express, America Online, Lotus Notes, Netscape, Palm, vCard, and more.

Friends of Friends Suggestions

Expono automatically suggests people you may know, based on your friends contacts.

Multiple Safety Levels

Public photos are divided into three safety levels to ensure you won't see any content you find offensive.

Powerful Batch Editing

Set titles, descriptions, keyword tags, location tags, face tags and more on multiple photos at once.

Multiple View Modes

You can browse photos in multiple ways and sizes.

Full EXIF & IPTC Support

Expono extracts EXIF and IPTC data from uploaded images and can automatically set titles, description, location and keyword tags based on this data.

iPhoto Photocast Support

You, your friends and family can subscribe to anyone's photos directly in Apple's iPhoto.

Personal Dashboard

The dashboard keeps you up-to-date and informed about your friends activities and newly uploaded photos.

Support for Multiple Licenses

You can define the license for each of your photos, a batch or an album, like Creative Commons or something else.


Photos can be viewed in two different slideshows. A really cool 3D slideshow by Cooliris, or a fast more lightweight slideshow called Lightview.

Facebook Integration

Post stories of photo activities, tag & share album and photos with your friends on Facebook

FriendFeed Integration

Auto-announce photo uploads and activities, tag & share album and photos with your subscribers on FriendFeed

Twitter Integration

Auto-announce photo uploads and activities, tag & share album and photos with your friends on Twitter

Authenticated Feeds

Album and Photostream RSS feeds support authentication which means your digital photo frames and third-party tools can access photos with custom privacy.

Photo Stack

Pick photos from any album or any user and put them in your stack, almost like a shopping cart. And view them as if they were in the same album. You can also add photos to a stack to perform powerful batch editing.

Edit Photo Taken

Edit exposure date and time of a photo, both on a single photo and on multiple photos at once.

Unlimited Albums

You can create and organize your photos in as many albums as you want.

Find Duplicates

Expono can find duplicate photos with just a single-click. No wasting of space!

Custom Groups

You can create your own custom groups in addition to the three default groups; family, friends and business.

Embed Single Photos

You can easily embed single photos on any website or blog that supports basic HTML.

Embed Complete Albums

You can easily embed complete photo albums on any website or blog that supports basic flash.


You can see your friend's recent activites in one simple aggregated page, full of functionality!

Internal Messaging

You have your own internal inbox where you can see who comments, tags, favorite or rate your photos. Send personal messages, share photos and more...

Clean Interface

Expono has a clean interface. We want your photos to be in focus.

Share Photos & Albums

Easy and smart sharing of protected photos by email to friends and family. Expono doesn't require your friends or family to log in - even if your photos are protected.

Multiple languages

Expono speaks your language! If you can't find your language below there's always a chance we are working on translating Expono to it or YOU can help us out!.

Unlimited Storage

With unlimited storage, you can store as many photos as you like, making Expono a great backup alternative for your photos.

Super Search

Search your photos, your albums, within keywords, specific persons, favorites or all public photos on the site.

Rate Photos

You can rate other people's photos and they can rate yours.

Detailed View of Statistics

Expono keep detailed statistics over who has viewed what from where.

Downloadable Original Files

You and/or your friends and family can download the original photos at any time.

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